Frozen Music: Or, The Way you Do Anything is the way You Do Everything… by Dusty Santamaria

Someone once said, “All art aspires to the nature of music.” I’m not going to qualify a statement like that with descriptions such as “true” or “false”. I will however admit that the phrase has repeated itself over in my mind like a stubborn mantra for the last couple of years. It is in the last couple of years that I have become deeply invested in the meditative process of painting.

Perhaps, according to the quotation, other mediums aspire to the nature of music because pure music (meaning only sound in conjunction with time) is completely devoid of any and all ideology? Perhaps it’s because in playing music it becomes apparent that no moment ever repeats itself? Do not be deceived. A note is never played the same twice. I don’t know…

I’ve played in bands all my life. Punk rock bands, garage, psych, rhythm & blues, honky-tonk. Stuff like that. Stuff where energy and impulse rank higher than technical prowess. The same approach has been translated in this new obsession with painting. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. These nine pieces were created compulsively, with great joy by an untrained hand. I have a profound shyness regarding institutions of higher skepticism. I believe a painting knows how it wants to be painted just as a song knows how it wants to be written. All the artist has to do is not get in the way and let the thing breath through him.

“Frozen Music” is how Goethe described his favorite architecture. I think it applies to these paintings and it’s what I’ve always wanted to call my first art show. Hopefully, each piece tells a story, though I’m well aware that not every piece will reveal its secrets to each individual viewer. Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and for looking at the show. To paint is to love again.

Dusty Santamaria

October 3, 2016