Roadtracks Magazine #52: Review of "Love Under Will"

Love Under Will Album Art (front).jpg

May 5, 2018

“Poet and singer-songwriter Dusty Santamaria and intermedia artist Moira Ichiban are not only lovers; with their debut album,"Love Under Will" they have created a musical collaboration that takes place in the climes of Alt-Country with influences from 60's Garage Rock, Rock n Roll and Doo-Wop. The result is a small masterpiece of Gothic Americana, which could easily serve as the soundtrack for a David Lynch film. The low playing time of the album, which has only 7 tracks, is completely counterbalanced by the high quality throughout. There is virtually no single weak point. Thanks to the ardent, deliberate songwriting, Dusty Santamaria and Moira Ichiban succeed in bringing out the best of their Voodoo-wop style without any cranky coolness.

This is the real shit!”

Christian Anger

Roadtracks Magazine #52 Summer 2018