Music Magick Duo, Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban, Enchant with their Second Release, Innersexion

Itinerant music magick duo, Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban, make a contemporary offering with the release of their second album, Innersexion, an avant-garage prayer for the Anthropocene. Using introspection as a touchstone for their social commentary, Santamaria and Ichiban draw on their diverse musical inspirations to create an album that is as timely as it is timeless. Released on the husband and wife’s Voodoo It Yourself Records label, the album will be available across streaming platforms in April 2019.


Songwriter-poet, Dusty Santamaria, met the interdisciplinary artist, Moira Ichiban, on a full-moon night in Portland, Oregon. They fell in love and ran away together to form an art-focused Rock’n’Roll band in the Southern California desert. In late 2017, the duo self-released their debut album, Love Under Will, making a 43 date DIY tour of the United States and Europe in its support. They created Voodoo It Yourself Books, releasing a collection of Santamaria’s poems and volume one of their yearly art zine, Beautiful Mutants. In Autumn of 2018, the band made another tour of the Western United States, recorded Innersexion, then began making art movies. Their first short film, “Transformation ((Innersexion))”, documents a psychomagic act in which Santamaria and Ichiban shave each other’s entire body; it screened at the couple’s joint art show in Los Angeles this January. The music video to Innersexion’s first single, “Digital Fuck Talk”, incorporates material from “Transformation ((Innersexion))” and is the couple’s second experiment with filmmaking.


The culmination of Santamaria and Ichiban’s experiences together is evident with Innersexion, showcasing a deeper level of collaboration between the artists than with their debut. Whereas Ichiban’s contributions to Love Under Will were more production oriented, Innersexion utilizes more of her lyrical and musical ideas, adding an archetypal feminine element to the Divine Androgyne of their creative union. Numerous live performances throughout 2018 have developed Ichiban’s uniquely primitive drum style and the experience is manifest in the new recordings. Santamaria, a respected lyricist throughout his years of songwriting, has also matured. His poetic lyrics, while still personal, are more universal in tone and emerge from a broader perspective.


Throughout their evolution, Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban have maintained the strongest elements of their original “Voodoo-Wop” style and with Innersexion, they hone the edge of their artistry and invite magick into their music.


“Innersexion is the freedom song of a two-headed monster, the autobiography of a kiss. It is a love letter to the impossible.” ~ Dusty Santamaria